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If you and your partner's sex drive is aligned; if you're entirely sexually satisfied; if you're happy with your sex life, congratulations...but this site is not for you. If, instead, you are like most couples in long-term relationships, research shows that you are likely to experience a misalignment in libido, sex drive, or sexual expectations at some point in your relationship.

When this happens, your relationship suffers, so when this happened to us, we wanted to do something about it. It became clear that the key was taking time to talk about and understand what was happening and adopt some tactics for making improvements.

To help you kick-start that same conversation, we've developed a fun, anonymous survey for you and your partner to complete to learn more about each other's sexual needs. At the start of the survey you're asked to provide details of what you're hoping to achieve by sharing this information with your partner - your objective.


We do not ask for any personally identifiable information anywhere on this website or in the survey questions. We store the survey answers you submit in a secure database and provide an encrypted link to access those results online. However, any information you provide should be considered as being publicly accessible.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not include personally identifiable information to your survey answers.

In the next section are dozens of tactics, which are suggestions for activities that you may try to achieve your objective and get your sex life back on track, just like the one shown below:

Improve diet
Up for it?
Bring it on!
Hard "NO"
Not at all

Each tactic contains two questions:

  • Up for it?
  • Helpful?

Click/tap where on the scale from 1 and 6 you sit between the responses shown. If you'd like to add conditions like "I'd be into this if..." or explain your answer "I won't ever do this because..." you can add these in the notes section of each tactic. Your partner won't be able to see your answers unless you share your survey code with them. This, and any personal details you add to any notes section, is the only thing that can link you to this survey.

When you've answered the questions and added any notes, click the Next button to reveal the next tactic. You can change previous answers at any time. When you've completed the survey, click the Review Answers button.

Adding your own tactics

If you have any ideas for tactics that haven't already been included, that you'd like to propose or discuss with your partner, you can use the form at the bottom of the review page to add them. Clicking the Create Tactic button will add your new tactic to the bottom of the survey form, like any other, and you can add your answers there.

Your partner will not be able to tell the difference between existing tactics and those you've added yourself (unless you make this obvious in the content).

Add your own tactics
The description should be in the form of an activity. E.g. 'go to bed early', 'feed each other strawberries by hand', etc. Remember, your partner will be asked "up for it?" and "helpful?".

When you're completely done, click the Submit Survey button at the bottom of the screen.

Inviting your partner

Now your survey is complete, you can invite your partner to take the survey using the coded link provided in the Invite your partner section. Using this link will ensure they see all the same tactics as you, including the ones you added. But don't worry if you want to be discrete - they won't know the difference unless you tell them!

The fun starts when you're both done and can compare results. Just add both your survey codes to the 'Compare' form on the homepage.

So...what are you waiting for?

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